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Aquarobics & Yoga

Suitable for everyone. A complete exercise class that tones the muscles and increases flexibility, with easy-to-follow steps, it makes the most of the water’s massaging effect over the entire body. As you exercise, the pressure of the water benefits fatty tissues and helps fight cellulite. That is why many women love this physical activity.
Aqua-aerobics is fun, as well as being the perfect way to slim down and improve mood. It is a group activity, set to music, and lets participants release tension and stress. It make you feel more in shape, more relaxed and happier.


Power and Agility. Balance and Stability. Mindfulness and Breathing. Freedom and Inner Peace. That is Yoga.
Yoga works in many balancing and positive ways on our bodies: it alleviates tension, head and back pain,  reduces stress through a lower cortisol level, improves sleep quality and concentration, lowers the heart frequency, builds strength, flexibility and perseverance, stabilises the hormone and immune systems, it increases the lung capacity, improves digestion, and it lowers the blood pressure and improves blood circulation.


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